Innovation spells “failure”. More than 80% of new businesses fail within the first 18 months. Those that manage to survive find unique ways to create value and disrupt markets. Corporations can afford neither failure nor disruption. But they have to innovate and disrupt from within to withstand the market forces. Together we can review the latest trends in corporate innovation and find models that work uniquely for your enterprise - from discovery sessions to setting an entire practice.


The increasing rate of technological change has led to the emergence of a great number of new business models that continue to be redefined and adapted in response to market dynamics. Coupled with much higher frequency of new product introductions and ever changing customer preferences the current competitive environment brings about more disruptions and  opportunities. Let us review your business model and make sure it is solid for your business to take off or take on new competition.


Getting funded is not just about a killer pitch and a super slick deck, although those two are essential. A complete investor package will get you prepared to communicate beyond a well rehearsed pitch. It will instill confidence in your ability to come across as a competent entrepreneur.  Let us speak to the value you bring to the market and your potential to generate returns, all wrapped up with a meticulously crafted ask. When you have one chance to impress, make sure it is the right impression.

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